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MemeStreams is a social web surfing tool that helps communities of people work together to find interesting content on the Internet. It allows you to maintain collections of recommendations for Internet content, and it employs state of the art content rating technology to sort through your friends' and colleagues' recommendations in search of information that matters to you. MemeStreams makes it easy to find out about important new developments that impact your life, without having to scour through hundreds of Internet news sites and mailing lists. Whether you're interested in serious financial information or just looking for cool new music, you'll find it here.

MemeStreams has enjoyed steady growth since opening to the public in 2001. We invite you to join our community and contribute your thoughts and content. The machine welcomes you.

MemeStreams Powered Intranet

The MemeStreams Powered Intranet allows organizations to create private communities for their members. When a user discovers something on the Internet of interest to the organization, they can share it with others on the private intranet. The MemeStreams Powered Intranet is available as both a hosted and managed solution.

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Tabjab is a powerful way to keep track of the interpersonal debts that often arise between friends, roommates, and coworkers. You can use Tabjab to send out bills for dinner debts, bar tabs, rent, utilities, entertainment, or any other expense that people share. These bills are delivered via email, and they are easy to consolidate when it comes time to pay.

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