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MemeStreams Powered Intranet

MemeStreams Powered Intranet

When we started MemeStreams most people didn't know what a blog was. Today blogs, social networks, and collaborative bookmarking systems are part of everyone's experience online. People have already started to bring these tools into the workplace. The value is clear.

Just as social networking systems can help maintain connections between friends, they can provide some structure and permanence to the informal cross-functional collaborative networks that form in the modern workplace. Just as collaborative bookmarking tools can help identify top news stories on the Internet, they can help coworkers share relevant links to resources that get the job done faster.

We've refined MemeStreams with years of real world operational experience, and we believe that it can serve as a powerful platform; enabling a corporate enterprise to offer an internally focused collaborative blogging system to its employees that can serve these purposes.

Industrial Memetics is a small company whose projects have been a labor of love for several years. However, we believe that we have the experience, vision, and insight to create the social software systems that tomorrow's business world will demand. We're seeking to build relationships with serious customers who want to work with a vendor to refine the right solution that meets these needs.

If building the social intranet is something that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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